Welcome to DDC Foods.

DDC Foods Ltd was founded by Chris Christofi (MD) in 1996, for the purpose of offering an alternative range of snacks and soft drinks to the consumer, compared to the mainstream readily available brands. The point of difference would be that the products were truly innovative, healthier as well as new and exciting. The company would embrace new ideas and concepts from entrepreneurs who share the same vision and aspirations by creating brands that change the way we snack and drink.

Over the years, we have been instrumental in supporting such ideas and helping businesses showcase and distribute their products. This has been our company’s ethos and true to our vision we have not diversified from this.

We are a national distribution company servicing over 97% of our customers with our own fleet of vehicles. Customers within the London area can receive next day delivery if orders are placed before mid day (12.00) Mon - Fri.

AWRS Registration number XNAW00000107404

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