Product Code(s): SC1600 - SC1608

Product Description:

Popchips are air popped potato chips. All the flavour of fried crisps but half the fat, long shelf-life, under 100 calories, nothing artificial, be a bit good!

SC1600 Popchips - Sea Salt 24x23gD G N V
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SC1601 Popchips - Salt & Vinegar 24x23gD G N V
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SC1602 Popchips - Sour Cream & Onion 24x23gG N V
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SC1603 Popchips - Salt & Pepper 24x23gD G N V
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SC1604 Popchips - BBQ 24x23gG N V
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SC1606 Popchips - Sharing Bag - Salt & Pepper 8x85g
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SC1607 Popchips - Ridges - Smoky Bacon 24x23g
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SC1608 Popchips - Ridges - Sea Salt & Vinegar 24x23g
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D Dairy Free

F Fairtrade

G Gluten Free

O Organic

N Nut Free

V Suitable for Vegetarians

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