Product Code(s): SC1240 - SC1244

Product Description:

Potatoes grown and hand cooked on their family farm in East Anglia. 100% natural flavours. The truly British Crisp Co.

SC1240 Jack Pots - Lightly Salted 24x40gD G N V
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SC1241 Jack Pots - Sea Salt & Cyder Vinegar 24x40gD G N V
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SC1242 Jack Pots - Mature Cheese & Onion 24x40gG N V
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SC1243 Jack Pots - Sweet Thai Chilli 24x40gD G N V
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SC1244 Jack Pots - Roast Beef & Horseradish 24x40gN V
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D Dairy Free

F Fairtrade

G Gluten Free

O Organic

N Nut Free

V Suitable for Vegetarians

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