Product Code(s): DJ1930 - DJ1939

Product Description:

All our teas strive to give a delicious, nutritious and refreshing experience. They are all fat-free and have no added sugar or artificial preservatives, additives or sweeteners.

DJ1930 Daymer Bay - Lush Lemon & Iced Tea 12x400mlD G N V
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DJ1931 Daymer Bay - Pure Peach & Iced Tea 12x400mlD G N V
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DJ1933 Daymer Bay - Elderflower & Green Tea 12x400mlD G N V
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DJ1936 Daymer Bay - Pear, Elderflower & Jasmine 12x400ml
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DJ1937 Daymer Bay - Cloudy Lemon & Ginger 12x400ml
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DJ1938 Daymer Bay - Orange, Mango & Ginseng 12x400ml
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DJ1939 Daymer Bay - Orange, Carrot & Pineapple 12x400ml
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D Dairy Free

F Fairtrade

G Gluten Free

O Organic

N Nut Free

V Suitable for Vegetarians

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